What we do

Founded in October 1998 by David Saunders, The Saunders Company, LLC was created to meet paper needs quickly, competitively, and with the best product for each customer application.


What makes us different


We are the paper problem-solvers. 27+ years of experience solely in the paper industry have given us the experience and technical knowledge needed to solve unique paper problems and provide cost and time-saving paper solutions for customers.


Tired of buying from a huge corporation whose employees know you only by customer number and have never even been to the town you live in? Tired of waiting for deliveries that hopefully arrive within a week? Our founder lives in St. Louis and our warehouse is located here too. Customers in St. Louis and towns throughout Missouri and Central/Southern Illinois enjoy next day delivery service. If there is an emergency, same day service is available for a fee.


Want to order by email? Phone? Text? Online? You decide. Don’t know the item number but you can describe it? Fine. Do that. Want to talk with us before you place an order? Call or text David at 314-422-7758 or a prompt response. By the way, we don’t impose per case minimums on orders. Only need one case of paper and need it tomorrow? You’ve come to the right place.

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How this site works.

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